A/S and A Levels

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Why should I study A Levels?

AS and A levels are the traditional qualifications offered by schools and colleges for 16-19 year olds. They're highly valued by universities and employers and mostly focus on academic subjects.

A Levels are the next step a student takes after completing their GCSEs, should they wish to go on to university. English and maths A Levels are looked upon favourably by most universities and so are considered a valuable qualification to have.

Eden Education teach the course content in a way that is suited to the ability of each individual student, ensuring that they attain the best possible grade, first time.

Please note: AS is now recognised as an accredited certificate with no progression to A2.


English Language and Literature

English is one of those subjects that employers like to see on a CV. The skills you learn from studying English are marketable in most careers and can be easily transferred from one role to another.

Having an English qualification provides you with a good foundation when it comes to applying for jobs. Typical roles for English specialists include teaching, communications, marketing and commercial writing, to name a few.

Our AS and A-level English Language specifications will enable you to build on the skills you developed at GCSE, by engaging creatively and critically with a wide range of texts and discourses. 

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Just as languages provide the building blocks and rules we need to communicate, maths uses its own language, made up of numbers, symbols and formulas, to explore the rules we need to measure or identify essential problems like distance, speed, time, space, change, force and quantities.

Maths is one of the best subjects to develop your analytical, research and problem-solving skills.

Not only will studying maths help give you the knowledge to tackle scientific, mechanical, coding and abstract problems, it will also help you develop logic to tackle everyday issues like planning projects, managing budgets and even debating effectively.

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Studying English Literature helps to sharpen your analytical skills. If you can take a text and find the themes plus connect it with other texts, theories and historical events, you are showing that you can handle complex ideas, search for patterns and interpret information in a wider context.

You will also develop your planning and research skills as well as gain knowledge of history, culture, philosophy and even human behaviour.

Careers in the sciences, engineering, technology and maths also need more English than you think. Writing proposals, academic papers & articles and communicating with others is key to getting funding for projects and reaching people with your work.

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A-level maths is tremendously important. It provides a firm foundation for all scientific, technical, engineering and mathematical careers and a flying start for many other types of career, such as those in finance, medicine or agriculture.

Maths A-level is a must have for degrees in: physics, engineering, actuarial science, economics and, of course, maths, although you may need to study a further maths course as well to do this.

Maths is recommended (or required) for: computer science, accounting, chemistry, biology and life sciences, medicine/nursing, dentistry, business studies, management studies, finance, architecture, geology, psychology, surveying and even philosophy.

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