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An independent learning centre and provider of GCSE and A Level examinations.

Our story...

Eden Education was founded by a group of Cumbrian teachers who felt that there was a need for a comprehensive and individualised service in GCSE and A Level provision in Cumbria. The government changes in educational funding meant that A level provision for post 19 students disappeared and GCSE provision diminished significantly in core subjects such as English, maths and science. 

We felt that it was important that A levels and GCSEs should be offered in Cumbria because A levels remain the main entry qualification for universities and an important enabler for career development, whilst GCSEs remain the top focus for many employers and apprenticeships. As conscientious teachers we could not ignore the need for educational services for those in our community that were being failed by the cuts in funding, and so Eden Education was founded by Katrina Hewgill in 2016.

We started out in our Botchergate offices, where we become an accredited AQA test centre. We were successful in being awarded our AQA centre status and so began our journey.  As teachers we were aware of the pitfalls of the current educational system and made the sentient choice to minimise the paper work load for our teachers. We wanted to reach the heart of the student rather than worry about endless reports and documents. Therefore, we removed many bureaucratic barriers so our teachers could focus on the student and only on the student. 

We created flexible learning options for our students, and individualised our lessons to suit the educational requirements of each student. As part of this ethos we keep our classes small only enroling up to five students per class. We provided home study options, class-based options, distance learning opportunities and our popular, innovative, 8 week Fast Track courses because we knew that there were alternative methods to education other than the traditional model we are familiar with.  

Our success

This approach was daring, innovative and creative, but ultimately the student was always at the heart of what we designed and created. This new approach to learning showed a dramatic increase in learner engagement with many students improving their grades by two levels within just six months.

With our success we realised that we needed larger premise for the increase in enrolments and for developing new courses, therefore we moved to larger premises on Milbourne Street in 2018.


We have since grown from delivering maths and English GCSEs to delivering GCSEs and A Levels in: Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Combined science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Art and History.

Our Home Schooling package was created when we realised that there was a high demand for students who learn at home to access local educational services.

More and more parents have opted to home school their children and we designed a bespoke service for the children who flourish better at home or in small classes.

An important part of our ethos, is that whilst we are an educational centre, it was important to create an environment, that is relaxed, friendly, compassionate and fun. Our teachers are highly trained, (as high as PHD levels) experienced and approachable. We removed the barrier of the traditional teacher / student dynamic and have created an environment where the students feel safe and are not afraid to make mistakes, ask questions, and learn in an active, fun and engaging environment as equals.

When you enrol with Eden Education you will receive a highly organised yet flexible curriculum.  Our courses are delivered in a professional and relaxed environment with lively and experienced teachers, that provide high levels of care, quality and professionalism.


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