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Why home school?

We understand that the school environment is not always conducive for learners. There are many reasons that affect a parent’s decision to educate a child from the comfort of their own home such as:

  • The distance or access to a local school.
  • Religious or cultural beliefs.
  • Bullying
  • The child’s unwillingness or inability to attend school due to medical reasons.
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Parents who travel with their children.
  • Special Education Needs 

We recognize that our students are individuals with unique needs, interests, and learning capabilities. Rather than forcing students to adapt to the national curriculum, we have the flexibility to individualise the framework to suit the student’s needs. This empowers our students to pursue their future goals in a way that enables them to prepare for their future, whether that be progressing onto our A-Level courses, attending college or gaining a placement on an apprenticeship. Every learner has input into the design of their course. The student and the teacher design the course together allowing the learner the freedom to choose the topics they wish to study.

Our education package is one of the main reasons why learning your GCSEs from home is so very different from being in school. At home, your child will receive the attention they deserve. We have many wonderful educators within our nation however with teachers under pressure with large classes of students there are children who are simply not getting their needs met. And this is where we are different. Because your child will receive 100% of our focus they will learn more effectively in a comfortable and secure environment with a trained specialist teacher. This means that the classes are more fun, relaxed and we go at the student’s pace rather than the student having to go at the same pace as the class.

We help our students, so they can leave Eden Education feeling confident in their abilities to succeed and progress without the restrictions of a school curriculum and the constant pressure of having to attend classes that the learner does not engage in. As an AQA accredited examination centre we can even offer examinations from the student’s home or from our Education Centre.

Working one to one

One to one teaching has been proven to be far more effective than whole class teaching. Students often digest more information, with some saying that they can get a days’ worth of education in a few hours. This is because of how we engage with our learners. Working one to one also means that learners are far more inclined to ask for help if they do not understand something. We find students feel more comfortable discussing ways to improve their work in privacy. 

Home Study

Interactive lessons

Our lessons don’t even have to take place in the home. On a sunny day, we can teach from a garden, a coffee shop, the beach or even a theatre. This makes learning more fun and engaging and the students often absorb information quicker and retain it for longer. Shakespeare’s plays were never meant to be studied through books. They were meant to be watched, experienced and explored through performance. Going to the theatre opens new perspectives to our learners helping them learn complex material. also means that learners are far more inclined to ask for help if they do not understand something. They do not have the pressure of raising their hand in front of their peers.

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